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23 October, 2012
NAQWA Water projects in USA.

NAQWA has started negotiations on expanding the NAQWA water project to USA and other international markets… More »

11 September, 2012
Drinking Water Project.

NAQWA has launched a new international project devoted to the problem of drinking water purification. The issue is of vital importance not only in Indonesia but all aver the globe… More »

20 February, 2012
Upgraded Model of Personal Nano Water Purifier “NAQWA Portable”

NAQWA water lab has completed work on the upgraded model of its most popular personal nano water purifier “NAQWA Portable” intended for people on move… More »

17 January, 2012
Petros Offered Marussia F1 Sponsorship

Petros Group was offered to take part in promoting Indonesian racing driver Rio Haryanto who will be competing with the Marussia F1 Junior team in 2012… More »

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