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Unique Properties of Shungite Water

Amazing properties of Shungite known nowadays is only a small part of what is inherent by the nature into this unique mineral. With proper regard of humans to Shungite and necessary researches this mineral can open the way to long-life health and fruitful longevity.

It is well known that human activity is the main source of environmental pollution with heavy metals. Today, the concentration of heavy elements in water sources in the most populated industrial areas of the world dozens times exceeds the safe level. We come up to a paradox: there seems to be enough water but it is not recommended to drink most of it.

Oversaturated in human body, heavy metals, unlike vitamins, which surplus is simply burned in the body, tend to accumulate and are hardly removed from the body. “Excessive” atoms of trace elements, strolling through the body, are trying to fit into the structure of the “foreign” enzymes (cadmium instead of zinc, for example), blocking their work and violating the subtle mechanisms of metabolism, such as cell respiration, processing of toxins, or cell division and growth.

Moreover, heavy metals accumulate in those organs, which particularly need them in micro-doses. Human body, “not knowing” about the excessive concentration of metals in the environment, automatically concentrates them in those organs and cells where they are needed as trace elements.

Thus, poisoning with selenium, which is a trace element of the optic enzyme rhodopsin, leads to blindness, and radioactive iodine selectively accumulates in the thyroid gland and leads to cancer degeneration.

Though playing a special biochemical role in the composition of enzymes, heavy metals are absolutely required for the body, but in micro quantities. Optimal physiology of the body which is a necessary component for health and longevity requires that the internal environment of the organism contains trace elements in fairly narrow limits.

Useful trace elements and heavy metals are in fact the same substance, conditionally bordered by the maximum permissible concentration.

Therefore, it`s not enough for drinking water to be only purred of salts. This water is “dead”, but what we need is “life-giving” water. I.e., drinking water should have an optimal trace element composition.

Those who live in the mountains and consume clean, melted glacial, but “dead” water without trace elements, particularly value mineral underground sources, calling them “the blood of the earth” and rightly considering them as a source of strength and health. To avoid micro-mineral hunger associated with the use of salt-free ice water, people who live in Russian Caucasus mounties regularly use dry wine which absorbs a rich and balanced mineral background of mountain soil. Incidentally, it is rich in “trace bunch” local wine that gerontologists believe to be one of the secrets of longevity in the Caucasus.

In contrast to the Caucasian mountaineers, lifetime of those who lived in Swiss mountains, and have never drank either mineral water or wine, was considerably lower. Moreover, more often than other Europeans, the Swiss were sick of endemic goiter or a thyroid disease caused by iodine deficiency.

Trying to solve the problem of drinking water many companies nowadays offer sophisticated design of household filters, treatment plants and industrial equipment to clean drinking water, with an emphasis on obtaining chemically pure water by filtering it through activated charcoal, desalting with ion exchange resins, as well as freezing, distillation, and even reverse osmosis.

Taking into account the problem of micro-mineral composition of water, as well as being afraid to lose their influence on the market, manufacturers of water filters often artificially  “upgrade” filtered water by adding special brine concentrate that simulates micro-mineral composition of spring water.

Unlike artificial filters, natural mineral filters based on Shungite possess a unique ability to adjust the trace element composition of the water.

This amazing ability of shungite mineral to absorb some kinds of salts and to provide a solution out of the others, maintaining the optimal micro-mineral composition of water, is related to its truly unique ion exchange properties.

Shungite is a sort of a chemical sponge, which is “charged” with microelements in their natural ratio in the earth. Subject to the law of chemical equilibrium, water passing through the filter acquires the composition similar to ancient groundwater which surrounded Shungite mineral for many millions of years.

When tap water goes through Shungite filter, missing substances get into the solution, while heavy metals, ammonia, excessive iron, which is not digested by the body, and other elements are detained by the filter.

All these described above  properties of Shungite water make Shungite filters about the e most effective water filters naturally producing the drinking water people are in a bad need  today.

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