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Water as One of the Economic Issues Outlined by the President of Indonesia

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono outlined several economic opportunities for Indonesia in his speech at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) national leaders’ meeting 2011, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jakarta.

One of the economic issues identified by the President was in the business sector. According to Yudhoyono, providing basic needs to the country's population of 240 million people with increasing purchasing power is one of the business opportunities. It is especially true for companies providing food, energy and water.

Yudhoyono also said that the large funds, which Indonesia needs to develop, give businessmen a chance for investment. He marked that a fund of US$300 billion from state-owned enterprises, private companies and partner countries was ready to be spent on projects that boost economic development.

This proves that the strong cooperation between private businessmen and the government is required for the benefit of the public.

Thus, Petros technologies Indonesia has the opportunity to make an essential contribution to Indonesian economy on the whole and country`s demand in pure drinking water in particular.

Based on The Jakarta Post materials. 


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